FedEx Vs. DHL

DHL Vs. FedEx In Overnight Delivery Services:

When comparing Fedex  and DHL it seems that Fedex is generally more expensive but at the same time faster than DHL. Also Fedex provides the most detailed online tracking system. DHL offers free boxes and shipping supplies but just for Air Express service while Fedex offers boxes free of charge.

Moreover,  both Fedex  and DHL do offer the overnight delivery services and they are currently the two major companies competing in the market. Fedex and DHL mission includes their commitment to provide services which caters specifically to each and every need of their clients. This resulted in them being the leaders among various rivalry firms which engage in the same business line. The studies shows that when Fedex introduces their services of overnight delivery they caused DHL to suffer major losses.

In 1977 Fedex  purchased its first large Aircraft (Seven Boeing 727) it enabled Fedex to improve their overnight delivery services over DHL. Currently Fedex consist of 6 business untis which are: Fedex Express, Fedex Ground, Fedex Freight, Fedex Custome Critical, Fedex Trade Networks and Fedex Services. Their main transportation businesses are Fedex Express and Fedex Ground which accounts for over $14 Billion in revenues. hosts more than 6.3 million unique visitors per month and handles on average over 2.4 million package tracking requests daily. The majority of Fedex customers connect with the company electronically everyday and they are measured to be more than 2.3 million customer. These numbers are due to the fact that Fedex website is recognized for its speed, ease to use and its customer focused features.  In addition, Fedex website was praised by the Web Marketing Association as the "Best Transportation Website" and eweek saluted it as the "Top e-business innovator".

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